ASM01 45mm Universal Microphone Suspension Shock Mount

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The exact function of a shock mount is to prevent vibration traveling up the mic stand from getting to the diaphragm of the mic. If you have ever recorded with mics set on stands on a portable staging system, then you will know how bad things can get. (Worse still with older designs where the space under each stage element is enclosed and resonates.)

Studio microphones are naturally more prone to all kinds of noise than others and need a shock mount to guard against even a small amount of vibration. While other mics are less sensitive and rarely need any special treatment, some would also think that shock mounts are used because they somehow look more 'professional'. Actually, this might not be a bad thing. If you invite a vocalist into your studio, they will sing better if they are impressed with what they perceive as the professionalism of your setup.

Fits most name-brand wireless microphones with its strong flexible rubber that matches most conventional and unconventional shaped microphones. Applies ample pressure to hold your microphone, yet allows easy one-hand release

So get your Studio setup properly without worrying about unnecessary sounds! Get our exclusive shock mount today! You won’t find a better deal and be shocked to learn we've made this cost less. Choose from any our exclusively designed shock mount that will fit your requirement and Just click add to cart to start your journey to a professional studio today!

Clip diameter: about 45mm
Package includes:
1 x Mic Clip Holder

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