MHB01 Closed-Back Studio Headset

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These headphones are the safest bet for those looking for their first introduction to music, ESPECIALLY considering that they’re by means inexpensive. But once you hear it, you understand how truly amazing a great pair of headphones can sound. If you’re strapped for cash, you won’t find a better deal, you’d be shocked to learn they cost less

Features a specific unique color design to personalize one's individuality. Standard 3.5mm antioxidant interface with gilding design, effective easy lock-in or disconnect which allows you to move better. Adjustable soft leather head beam and noise canceling earmuffs, comfortable and breathable, allowing you to wear it for a longer time. One of the clever features of these headphones is the memory foam padding, which comfortably molds your head, sealing up any open gaps. That way, the inside noises stay IN, and the outside noises stay OUT.

Best of all, You won’t find a better deal and be shocked to learn we've made this cost less. You wouldn’t think that a headset THIS cheap could boast almost universally positive reviews. But it does. So what else are you looking for? Just click add to cart to start your studio today!

Type: Closed-back
Connectors: 3.5mm
Wireless Type: No
Sensitivity: 110±5dB
Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
Line Length: 1.2m
Resistance: 32Ω
Model Type: Foldable Headset
Color: Rose, Yellow, Orange, Black, White, Blue, Green

As a supplement to your headphones, We also recommend an extension cable…since standard headphone cables are always too short depending on your use.

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