ASC01A 3.5mm Audio Cable Y Splitter Adapter Cable

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Allows you to connect two sets of earphones, headphones or stereo speakers to your media player. For the studio, our 3.5mm y-splitter will allow you to use both headset and studio monitor speaker at the same time, it is more for if you want both to play at once, the right Audio Interface or sound card will do 2 outputs without any loss so you could have the sound system on the back and headphones on the front. Either with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) or in the windows audio properties you can change your default audio device from headphones to speakers and back if you use the front port (on case) for headphone and the rear jack (on motherboard) for speakers. One of the easiest way to setup your amateur home studio today!

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Input: 1 male 3.5mm stereo plug
Output: 2 female 3.5mm stereo plugs
Package Content:
1x U shape 3.5mm Jack Splitter (with retail package)

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