APF02 Fixed Mounted Microphone Pop Filter

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Why do you need one? The short answer is that it takes strong "Plosive" sounds from the singer and eliminates or reduces them so the microphone will not hear a giant explosion of sound. Mics in the studio tend to be particularly susceptible to popping, because their diaphragms are very light, so some form of an effective pop shield (or pop screen) is essential.

Plosives are those nasty buggers that come out of the singer's mouth and make the mic signal go BOOM. Particularly nasty offenders are 't', 'd', 'p', and 'b'. Our Pop Filters help to minimize plosives like Ps and Bs and can cut down on sibilance (the hissing noise that can come from overly apparent S sounds). Using a pop filter cuts out issues on both the high end and the low end making for easier editing of the recording.

You need to make sure to have a functioning pop filter that looks good. Let's face it, looks are important. Having a professional looking tool makes you feel more professional. Easy to install with an adjustable clamp, just placed between a singer and the microphone. It's that easy.

So get your Studio setup properly without worrying about any unnecessary sound plus look amazingly professional! Get our exclusive Pop Filter today! You won’t find a better deal and be shocked to learn we've made this cost less. Just click add to cart to start your journey to a professional studio today!

Height: 14CM
Inside diameter: 7CM
Outside Diameter: 8CM
Material: metal
Color: Black
Package size: 8.1*2.4*8.1CM

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