DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is the software used to record, edit, and mix music on your computer… Usually matched with an Audio Interface which is the hardware used to connect your computer with the rest of your gear, either be bought separately, OR as a combo. But for your first studio… We can start with some FREE downloadable DAW. As we are amateur starter's, we wouldn't want to spend much to try new things. But only if you don’t mind purchasing your DAW and interface on day one… For beginners starting out, that makes for a tough decision, doesn’t it?

Yes, there are Free DAW's out there that you can try one out yourself as a beginner. As you progress, you may opt to go with switch to a smarter way and use a “limited” version of a paid DAW depending on your use. Many companies offer these versions specifically to accommodate smaller home studios on a budget, most still include 95% of the same features of the full version...So if you want to start off with something free (or at least cheap) here below are some of the popular free DAW on the planet to start with.

Audacity is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. The interface is translated into many languages.

Recent versions are available from http://www.audacityteam.org/download/ .

Audacity is free software, developed by a group of volunteers and distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Programs like Audacity are also called open source software because their source code is available for anyone to study or use.

More likely to recommend is the Avid Pro Tools, it has practically become a household name and has been the industry standard in music recording..in pro studios, and home studios alike.. a strong argument why you might want to use it as well.

If you’re a complete beginner, and you really have no idea what to start with, We strongly recommend it as a good default option.

Currently, there are 3 versions of Pro Tools available:

Pro Tools First – the beginner version, which is totally free, and can be downloaded here.
Pro Tools 12 – the intermediate version, which comes included with either the Pro Tools Duet, Quartet, and Eleven Rack interfaces, and is also sold separately for use with 3rd-party interfaces.
Pro Tools HD 12 – the professional version, which comes included as part of an HD Core System.

Start with Pro Tools 12 if you can afford it. And if not, use the free Pro Tools First. instead.

Get this Beats in making your music

You can arrange full songs with just your computer keyboard. You don’t need any other controllers, any other drums, or any other virtual instruments. You can sequence here. You’ve got your sound banks here. You can mix here. It’s everything you need to get started and go a long way

BTV Professional Music Production Software works as a standalone application or with your DAW as a VST or AU plugin (optional). If you are inspired, BTV will help you get your ideas out faster. If you’re short on inspiration, BTV has a massive sound library and a simple interface to get your creative juices flowing. Whether this is your first software for making beats or if have decades in the game BTV is going to help you make the kind of music you’re looking for.

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Note that these suggestions are unsolicited and by which we (Amateur Home Studio) do not have any connection and/or getting profit from recommending them. These are purely out of our support in helping starter artists achieve their dream. Hope these help get you started today!