Microphone Stand

Discovering a gear and getting to know its ups and downs is part of the fun. Most musicians on a budget won’t spend any more than the absolute minimum necessary for a semi-decent stand. The truth is that quality mic stands are one of the best investments you can make for any studio or live rig. You know how scary it is to dive after your expensive condenser mic just before it hits the floor. You can use it for several weeks before you really “get-a-feel” for its quality if it serves your purpose. Start with the basic categories of microphone stands with as follows:

Desktop Stands – which can look similar to low-profile stands, but are intended more for podcasting and bedroom recording.
Tripod Stands – which are the most common and designed for general-purpose use.
Overhead Stands – which is the largest and most expensive of all stands, and are used when extreme heights and angles are required, such as with drum overheads.

Here’s a list of the best affordable mic stands that actually deliver on their promises for your Amateur Home Studio.